Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"On Incomprehensibility"

“Of all things that have to do with communicating ideas, what could be more fascinating than the question of whether such communication is actually possible?”

(Friedrich Schlegel, "On Incomprehensibility")

"Usually incomprehension doesn't derive from a lack of intelligence, but from a lack of sense."

(Friedrich Schlegel, "Athenaum Fragments")

"You're not really supposed to understand me, but I want very much for you to listen to me."

"To begin with, I speak only to those who are already facing the Orient."

"I have expressed a few ideas pointing towards the heart of things, and have greeted the dawn in my own way, from my own point of view. Let anyone who knows the road do likewise in his own way, from his point of view."

(Friedrich Schlegel, "Ideas")

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