Sunday, April 02, 2006

"On Poetry and Poetics"

“As the crafter of the poem, the poet is both master and servant of poetic language, and without his skill and service there would be no craft of poetry. Yet the poet also wears the ceremonial mask of a voice, and that voice both reveals and conceals the word as an echo of the long lost silence of oblivion. Through the power of invocation and evocation, the words (re)create and (re)present a world experienced through language; a world of language mediated by language. A language of being as it is by becoming what it could be. Poetic language is thus a mirror of possibility, an identity reflected in difference, and a key into the doors of perception and meaning. Meanwhile, the poet “makes” poetry manifest in the poem as poiesis, which, in essence, is creation.”

(Marco Alexandre de Oliveira)

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