Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Devil's Blues

My friend Fred,
A luckless lad,
Hangs his head
So very sad,
Sings his songs
All black and blue –
What is wrong
Inside of you?

Silly Sally,
Such success,
Devil dares her
To undress –
Ho now, honey!
Rock and roll . . .
Makes her money,
Sells her soul

Silly Sally,
Why don´t you
Sing your song
So black and blue
To my friend Fred
And save his soul –
Right the wrongs
With rock and roll?

Damn! The Devil
Hangs his head,
Sees silly Sally
Fall for my friend Fred –
They make much money,
Such success,
Live in love
And leave the rest
To me . . .

Copyright © 2002 Marco Alexandre de Oliveira

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