Monday, September 11, 2006


As we sail through the sea, oh say, can you see?
After long we lose sight by the dawn’s early light . . .

A fallen empire’s banner waves
Not so free and not so brave

One Nation. . .
A ship of fools
Sets out to rule the world;
They do not show themselves as such,
They do not know themselves that much

Under God. . .
The holy heathen
Sow and reap the Fall;
Beasts with bulging bellies bellow,
As solemn souls resound so hollow

Indivisible. . .
One by one
Drown in the depths of despair,
Swallowed by the swell of a turning tide
Whose waves wash away a burning pride

With Liberty and Justice for all. . .

O Captain, my captain,
The crew abandoned ship;
Row this battered boat yourself,
Your song the sirens sing –
Wearily, wearily, wearily, wearily
The bells of freedom ring

Copyright © 2002 Marco Alexandre de Oliveira

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