Sunday, February 10, 2008

the only lonely cure

Are you suffering from anxiety or depression?

Have the constant stress and rapid pace of life got you down?

Are you tired all day, having trouble sleeping at night, or just unable to get up in the morning?

Does it feel like you carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders?

Do you experience existential anguish in light of the absurd?

Then what are you waiting for? ACT NOW!



SUICIDE® is the perfect remedy and ultimate solution for all your needs.

SUICIDE® has proven effective against the problems and ills of modern times.

SUICIDE® provides quick and lasting relief while preventing future occurrences.

SUICIDE® treats pain where it hurts most, and eliminates unpleasant sensations.

SUICIDE® makes you feel better than ever, or else like you’ve never felt before.

*Warning: Possible side effects of SUICIDE® include (but are not limited to) loss of vision, hearing, sense of touch, taste, and smell, dehydration, skin discoloration, bleeding, loss of breath, unconsciousness, and even death. Please consult your local witch doctor before you try SUICIDE®.

Copyright © 2008 Marco Alexandre de Oliveira

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