Sunday, May 09, 2010

an insane craft ...

"Literature especially poetry is a so much more improbable art! How can that insane craft ever succeed? To bestow an aesthetic expressiveness (that is, in a natural way) upon those 'words of the tribe' Mallarmé railed against where linguists agree in recognizing only a small portion of expressiveness and a very large portion of arbitrary signification ..."

"But when the poet has succeeded in his initial alchemy and has made words expressive, the greater part of his task is done: In this respect, literature, which is a difficult art, enjoys at least that advantage. It's endeavor is so arduous that the weight it bears is hardly a danger. There are a great number of books entirely lacking in art; there are a few books possessing enormous art."

(Christian Metz, "The Cinema: Language or Language System." Film Language: A Semiotics of the Cinema." Trans. Michael Taylor. p. 77-78)

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