Tuesday, November 23, 2010

(sur)real freedom ...

"the idea that freedom, acquired here on earth at the price of a thousandand the most difficult renunciations, must be enjoyed as unrestrictedly as it is granted, without pragmatic considerations of any sort, and this because human emancipation conceived finally in its simplest revolutionary form, which is no less than human emancipation in every respect, by which I mean according to the means at every man's disposalremains the only cause worth serving. Nadja was born to serve it, if only by demonstrating that around himself each individual must foment a private conspiracy, which exists not only in his imagination of which, it would be best, from the standpoint of knowledge alone, to take account but also and much more dangerously--by thrusting one's head, then an arm, out of the jailthus shattered of logic, that is, out of the most hateful of prisons."

(André Breton, Nadja. Transl. Richard Howard)

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