Sunday, January 05, 2014

Fool's Enlightenment

Who am I? Who are you?
Where are we from and going to?
What’s the meaning of this game?
Why the fuss? It's all so lame!
Nothing special’s happening here!
Is this some senseless joke? I fear
It won’t last too long at all
Before we all just slip and fall
Away like autumn leaves
Unless some trick is up our sleeves;
If hands are quicker than the eye,
That some secret’s passed me by,
Could I look close enough to see
That the joke is all on me?
There is laughter all around,
Cause my reason is unsound,
I’ve missed the point so far,
The depth of who we are,
The wonder of all things
And the happiness it brings
To look around in awe
At the world without a flaw,
And myself a mystery ...
It's truly great to be
Alive, having seen
What a blind fool I’ve been!

Copyright © 2000 Marco Alexandre de Oliveira

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