Sunday, January 17, 2016

America Revisited

America I’ve given you nothing because you have everything.
America four credit cards and no cash on today’s date.
You are driving me crazy.
America when will we go to war again?
Damn your cruise missiles and unmanned drones.
I feel better when you’re not around.
I’ll write you a poem even though I’m feeling really upset.
America when will you not be neurotic?
When will you remove your makeup?
When will you stop checking yourself out in the mirror?
When will you admit your millions of immigrants?
America why aren’t your universities full of ideas?
America when will you lend a hand to Mexico?
I can’t take the heat.
When can I go to a store and trade new gadgets for old junk?
America in the end it doesn’t get any better than this.
Your society is alienating me.
You turned me into a bum.
There’ll never be a winner in this game.
Ginsberg is dead but I think he’ll return it’s magical.
Do you believe in magic or are you tricking me?
I like to ramble on about random things.
I will always hold on to my dreams.
America wait a second you don’t know where you’re going.
America the lotus flower is blooming.
I read the headlines every day, I’ve never heard of anybody spreading the good news.
America I support the Occupy Movement.
America I became a leftist when I grew up but I’m not proud.
I light my cigarettes in no smoking areas.
I surf the web all night and watch porn for hours.
When I go to a massage parlor I have sex but never have fun.
I’m not sure but I think we have a problem.
You should hear me preaching the Bible!
The judge suspects that I am innocent.
I pledged allegiance to the flag.
I don’t have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
America I can’t say what happened to me when I moved abroad.

I’m talking to a brick wall.
Will you ever be able to live without reality shows?
I hate reality shows.
They’re on all the time.
Their dramas disgust me every time I change the channel.
I sit on my couch and watch in dismay.
They never show me reality. The Kardashians aren’t for real. Celebrities aren’t for real. Nobody is for real not even me.
I’ve just realized that America is not for everybody.
I’m hearing voices in my head again.

The media is manipulating us.
We’ve all been brainwashed.
Let us analyze the situation.
The situation is too many prescription pills millions of profiles public tweets of 140 characters or less and onehundredthousand shopping malls.
Not to mention the suburbs and the millions of elderly who die in lonely rooms in the darkness of forgotten memories.
You have instituted political correctness around the world, and that’s not right.
My aspiration is to become a monk even though I don’t have a religion.

America how can I compose a beat parody in your serious tone?
I will follow in Steve Jobs’ footsteps my poems are as cool as his iPhones maybe less so they don’t come in different colors.
America you can download my poems for free on the internet.
America don’t elect Donald Trump.
America ignore the Tea Party.
America Eric Garner can’t breathe.
America I am not one of the good ol’ boys.
America when I was twenty-one I was taken to a Rainbow Gathering there were camps and kitchens at no cost and the workshops were free everybody was peaceful and loving each other it was not that utopian you can guess what a fun time the scene was in the 1960s Timothy Leary was a brilliant intellectual a high priest Ram Dass made me smile I never saw Ken Kesey on the bus. Nobody wanted to be labeled a hippie.
America you always like to start a fight.
America it’s them evil terrorists.
Them terrorists them terrorists and them liberals. And them terrorists.
Them terrorists wanna kill us. Them terrorists are ruthless and barbaric. They want our women to wear veils.
They wanna bomb New York. They make us read the Koran. They wanna cut off our oil from the Middle East. The U.S. big government spying on its citizens. That scary. Uh-huh. The U.S. make Latinos speak American. The U.S. need cheap illegal aliens. Si, señor. They make us pray five times a day. Hell.        
America this is all very foolish.
America this is not as seen on TV.
America is this a mistake?
I’d better take less time off for leisure.
It’s a lie I don’t wish to live off food stamps or receive welfare checks from the State, I’m not disabled or mentally ill, ok?
America as soon as you give me a job I’ll get down to work.

Copyright © 2016 Marco Alexandre de Oliveira

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