Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Text in Context

You see here I hear a voice;
I hear You see here a choice . . .

I thought I had
(You did) something
to say.

Oh yes! (Oh no!)
I know! (You too?)

I wish I were
(You are) someone
who knew (You do)

some way somehow
(no way anyhow)
to be

Me among You
free from fantasies
of identities to

that which is that which is not.

but and but if as if
there were this or that there –

where? (here!) wherever . . .
any place where many faces wear
masks that come and go, asking for a cameo . . .

when? (now!) whenever
it is time or time is it?
time for all the rhyme and rhythm verses visit;

while with some wit
some way I say . . .

say what? whatever . . .
and how? however
way You want it!

so it is so
forever never ever
to question
why or why not nor
to answer
because just because! . . .

even though (and though)
I know You know,
even so (and so)
in every echo
a moment of silence –

even then (and then)
a sense of essence;
even when (and when)
sounds surround
the real reveals
the presence of absence –

while meanwhile . . .

I hear You see here another choice;
You see here I hear another voice . . .

though no other can be other than the other –

so I hear or so You see
a text in context
always and anyway
never for ever more . . .

and beyond
what was said
but between
what was read
the Truth lies! . . .

Copyright © 2004 Marco Alexandre de Oliveira

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


There is one idea
that's real (you see?)
for you or for me
to hold as clear
in and out and
without words

And ther's no way,
nohow, can you know
how it goes, cause
I ain't gonna tell
you, somehow,