Friday, February 10, 2006

Writer's Rite

with words I sow
the seed of Life
along a long row of lines –
read the signs and reap
my story, a mystery
in rhythm and rhyme

a maze in hieroglyphs,
my amazing monomyth
in many ways
frames a clumsy, clever phrase
wherever I wander
here or there
in sight of insight,
whenever I wonder
now and then
how to write
the years of tears and laughter,
once upon an ever after . . .

as a master of the Arts,
in souls I seal an omen –
the power to awaken
the flower of wisdom,
the key to kingdoms
hidden within the heart

for in Truth I share the roots
that bear forbidden fruits,
the tree of knowledge in a nutshell
spoken in a spell,
a vision in a verse –
union in the universe

well all is all well
in heaven and hell –
why ask why?
so I say so I
tantalize the wise with rapture,
once upon an ever after . . .

Copyright © 2003 Marco Alexandre de Oliveira

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